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Ah tea. The second most highly consumed beverage in the world, and also one of the oldest. It only makes sense that you’d want this liquid elixir at hand anywhere and everywhere.

After its discovery by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung almost 5,000 years ago, tea spread around the world like wildfire, and went onto become a ridiculously popular beverage drunk by people from all walks of life. What’s interesting is that it was found quite by accident too, when a few wild leaves happened to find their way into the emperor’s cup of hot water, resulting in a brew that’d change all our lives. Of course the rest, is history. Today, specific countries in the world are known for their tea production, most notably Sri Lanka. And a good cup of tea is not just about the brew, it’s about the entire experience. Which means that a set of tea accessories is a must in any tea lover’s cupboard.

So without further ado, we present to you our collection of best tea infuser mugs, ranging in colors, sizes and prices for the most insightful decision-making process you’ve ever had in your life. Or something like that.

Teabloom POSY Porcelain Tea Mug

Teabloom POSY Porcelain Tea Mug with Infuser(Pink)
  • BEAUTIFUL PORCELAIN MUG (14 oz) is just right for enjoying a big cup of perfect loose leaf tea. You get amazing flavor....
  • ATTRACTIVE PAINTED DESIGN we call Lake Mist makes a very artistic and stylish mug. You will enjoy holding and looking at...
  • BUILT-IN STAINLESS STEEL infuser brews perfect loose leaf tea. You get the full flavor or your favorite teas. Also...
Why we like it: Built-in infuser, and ideal for loose tea

Editor’s rating:

This dainty porcelain tea mug by Teabloom is perfect for brewing loose tea, especially for those who like a stronger brew. Loose tea is known to give a richer flavor and concentration than tea bags, but many opt for the latter purely out of convenience. They don’t really want to bother with strainers, tea pots, mugs and the like, but as it turns out, this tea mug puts all that to rest. Thanks to its buit-in infuser, you can now use loose tea leaves with complete ease.

We are so in love with the pale pink color and the delicate artwork, adding to its character. This is perfect for both home and the office, and if pink’s not really you color, they’ve also got a blue and yellow that they call Lake Mist and Golden Glow respectively. All you need to do is place the loose leaves in the infuser, fill water up to the recommended level and let it sit for as long as you want. The infuser is also built out of stainless steel, so it’s durable and safe since it won’t rust or corrode. It’s also super easy to clean, and the lid not only helps steep the tea better but also serves as a coaster.

Tea Fortà KATI Cup Ceramic Tea Brewing Cup

Tea Forte Kati Cup Ceramic Tea Infuser Cup with Infuser Basket and Lid...
  • TEA CUP WITH INFUSER includes a double-wall ceramic tumbler, stainless steel loose leaf tea infuser basket and a lid
  • STEEP THE PERFECT CUP of tea using your favorite loose leaf tea, use the lid to keep your tea hot while steeping, then...
  • EXTRA FINE TEA INFUSER made from stainless steel is sturdy, easy to clean and keeps tea leaves inside the basket with no...
Why we like it: Are all tea infuser mugs usually this stunning?

Editor’s rating:

No, honestly we think this is absolutely gorgeous. Just look at the colors they’ve used! Not only does it look very feminine and inviting, it also comes off as very elegant and efficient with its infuser basket and lid that’s ideal for steeping. Plus, at $15 we think it’s quite affordable, and a must-have at work. We also want to point out that it’s got a double-wall ceramic tumbler so your tea stays hot inside without translating to the outside, and the infuser itself is made of stainless steel and therefore quite hardy.

This cup has a 12oz capacity, so you can enjoy a hearty cup of tea at any time. Oh and we especially liked how convenient the lid is, doubling up as a coaster to set the infuser on once you’re done steeping. Additionally, the infuser is not only easy to clean but also ensures it keeps all tea leaves inside so you don’t need to worry about any residue in your cup. They also have this in 12 different designs if you’d like to go for something else.

Sweese 2102 Porcelain Tea Mug with Infuser

Sweese 201.101 Porcelain Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid, 15 OZ, White
  • Brew tea easily - tea mug with lid and an extra-fine hole infuser helps to brew tea in a simple and quick way....
  • Lid can be a coaster - lid works as a trivet to hold the infuser.
  • Premium materials - mug and lid are made of porcelain, chip resistant; while tea strainer is 18/8 stainless steel.
Why we like it: Would you just take a look at the sheer variety of options they have?

Editor’s rating:

Though we’ve picked a boring white one, don’t lose heart, these guys have tea infuser mugs in a dizzying array of colors. In fact, we’d like to get our hands on them all. For around $20, you get a basic yet effective mug that doesn’t try too hard to look good at all. Complete with a safe, heat-insulated handle, lid, and extra-fine hole infuser, you can now look forward to brewing the most convenient and efficient cup of tea ever.

Both the mug and lid are made of porcelain and have been designed and built to be chip-resistant. The strainer itself is 18/8 stainless steel. We also really liked how simple this was to clean, strainer and everything since you can just pop it in the dishwasher. It’s microwave-safe as well, so you can heat up your tea at any time without a fuss. This is also perfect as a gift because it even comes in a gift box package-so it’s pretty much good to go.



  • ✅ INDUSTRIES FIRST- Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Bottle with 2 PIECE STEEPER STRAINER MESH INFUSER. Allows you...
  • ✅ HOT UP TO 12 HRS COLD UP TO 32 HRS - BPA FREE- Beverage stays at a consistent temperature unlike flimsy plastic...
Why we like it: It’s both a travel mug and tea infuser bottle

Editor’s rating:

We know that this isn’t technically a tea infuser mug, but it’s a travel mug that’s also a tea infuser bottle, so it counts. And we really like that it has both functionalities. Travel mugs have become so popular recently, mainly because most people no longer have the luxury of sitting down for a cup of tea before work anymore. It’s all pretty much on-the-go. So there’s no need to forego your must-have cup of tea in the morning anymore.

This does cost a bit more at around $30, but since it’s so handy we think it’s totally worth it. We also like that it’s made out of food grade material so it’s completely safe to use, and it features a leak-proof build that’s double walled and stainless steel as well. Though it comes in just the one color, this is their new design and has a 2-piece steeper/ strainer mesh infuser. What this means is that you can steep tea or infuse fruit depending on what you want. Not only does it come with a matte-grip finish that prevents slipping, it can also handle both hot and cold liquids (up to 12hrs and 32hrs respectively). The lifetime warranty should be helpful too.

Live Infused Single Cup Loose Leaf Tea Brewing System

Live Infused Single Cup Loose Leaf Tea Brewing System, 16oz Ceramic...
  • A QUALITY INFUSER FOR YOUR QUALITY TEA – When you buy the best tea, you want the best brew possible. The Live Infused...
  • THE RIGHT SIZE- Enjoy 16 ounces of your favorite tea with the included tea mug. This infuser has a capacity for 20...
  • SILICONE COVERS PROTECT YOUR HANDS – Stainless steel makes a quality infuser but it will heat up during the steep....
Why we like it: No-nonsense, no fuss, and comes in two colors

Editor’s rating:

Though we’re not big fans of the black version (which this is), we definitely like the green. Both cost the same, at around $15 each. We thought of including this one because it’s quite basic, simple and straightforward. So for those of you who don’t want any frills accompanying your tea mug, this could be it. The steeper/strainer infuser is built to be long-lasting and reliable as well. The mug can also hold up 16oz of liquid while the infuser itself can hold around 20 spoons of loose tea, which by the way can also be used in your own cup without an issue.

We thought that the addition of the silicone mug sleeve was particularly insightful, as it prevents you from scalding your hands so you can enjoy your drink without incident. They’ve included silicone in the lid and handles as well so you don’t need to worry about burns when steeping your tea either. Since stainless steel tends to heat up when steeping, this is a great move. The lid which doubles as a dip-tray is also excellent for ensuring the heat stays well and truly trapped in. Cleaning is a cinch too, as it’s dishwasher safe.

FORLIFE Curve Tall Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid

FORLIFE Curve Tall Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid, 15-Ounce, Purple
  • Tall Tea Mug with an extra-fine 0.3 mm hole stainless-steel infuser
  • Turn the lid upside down, it works as an infuser holder
  • Material: Mug/Lid - lead-free high-fired ceramic, Tea infuser - stainless steel
Why we like it: Has a reversible top for infusing and holding the infuser

Editor’s rating:

This tea mug combines understated elegance with thoughtful functionality to perfectly fit avid tea enthusiasts. The tall form factor holds plenty of tea to keep you from needing a refill for quite some time, while a special extra-fine stainless steel infuser makes loose leaf tea preparation easy. The infuser is also fine enough for very finely ground teas, stopping bits and pieces from seeping into your drink. The lid is reversible to work as a handy infuser holder, keeping drips and spills to a minimum when your tea is ready.

Crafted from high-fired ceramic, this mug holds heat well and can keep your fresh tea from going cold as you enjoy it. It is also entirely lead-free, making it much safer to use on a daily basis without incurring illnesses of any sort.


Tealyra – Venus Glass Cup Infuser

Tealyra - Venus 400ml - Tea Cup Infuser - Double Wall Glass Tea Cup...
  • Our Venus Double Wall Glass Tea Mug is functional and well-designed!
  • Venus Double Wall Glass Tea Mug is large, lightweight and sturdy, and effortless to clean. Venus' double walled design...
  • The stainless steel infuser is accented with a bright silicone band; this silicone band prevents chipping the rim, and...
Why we like it: Glass cup, ideal for home and office use

Editor’s rating:

So far we had mugs of all colors and sizes, but this one’s a glass cup which is why we chose to feature it. It’s actually immediately striking as you can see, and compact enough to take to work as well. Since it’s glass, we also think it’ll easily stand out so nobody else confuses it for their own (which, let’s admit, happens more than we’d like at the office). With a 13.5-ounce capacity, it can deliver a decent cup of tea with minimum hassle too.

Though this double-walled cup looks larger than other tea infuser mugs, it’s actually quite lightweight and isn’t bulky at all. In fact, it can be easily transported from place to place so it’s very portable. We also really like how they’ve incorporated a bright silicone band on the stainless steel infuser which not only accentuates the whole cup, but also prevents the rim from chipping, and keeps the edges cool so you don’t need to worry about burning yourself when removing it.

Pure Zen Tea Tumbler with Infuser

Pure Zen Tea Tumbler with Infuser - BPA Free Double Wall Glass Travel...
  • RICH AROMA TEA ON THE GO: Enjoy your favorite rejuvenating tea drinks on the go with our beautiful tea tumbler with...
  • BREW YOUR FAVORITE DRINKS RIGHT AWAY: With our tea infuser, you can brew your favorite loose tea leaves, use it as a...
  • NO MORE TUMBLERS SWEATING & LEAKING ALL OVER THE PLACE: Forget all about tea tumblers leaking all over the place, thanks...
Why we like it: It’s unique and extremely sophisticated

Editor’s rating:

Probably not the first word you’d think of when you hear ‘tea infuser’, but that’s exactly what this is. Look at it! We’ll get to the rest of it in a minute, but let’s take a second here to appreciate just how beautiful it looks. It doesn’t look like a tea infuser quite frankly. It looks like a really fancy water bottle of some sort. As it turns out, we weren’t far off the latter one since it also works for fruit-infused water.

With 13oz of capacity which is about 400ml, you can now stay hydrated on-the-go. If you’re the sort of person who’d prefer to use your own mugs and bottles at all times whenever possible, then we think this would make for quite a stylish addition to your lifestyle. Plus, if you’ve got a super important meeting that’d most likely frown upon your frumpy travel mug, nothing to worry; this tea infuser will fit the bill neatly. Last but not least, it features double walls and food grade stainless steel in its build.

1A2B3C Sports Water Bottle – Travel Mug -Tea Tumbler Tea cup

1A2B3C Sports Water Bottle - Travel Mug -Tea Tumbler Tea Cup with...
  • Our customers are more important than our sales. Please contact us directly with any problems or concerns
  • Double-Walled bottle, With high transparency of glass water bottle and advantage of BPA Free, it solves problems of...
  • Protective case is made from food grade PC. It will reduce the temperature on your hands and also it will protect the...
Why we like it: Did you read the title? So many different options in one!

Editor’s rating:

We’ve already made our love for this sort of thing quite emphatic before, so we’ll save you all of that and dig right in. This tea infuser is not only a travel mug and tea tumbler, it’s also a sports water bottle. And though this is the pink version which may not really be your fancy, there are a variety of other colors to choose from. It comes with a bit more capacity at 16oz, seeing as how it’s a bottle as well and not just a cup.

Both double-walled and BPA free, this bottle is transparent at the bottom, and since it’s made of glass, it not only promotes better health and safety but also contributes positively to the environment by not adding on the plastic. It can also keep your drink either hot or cold for around 7hrs and 18hrs respectively, which if you think about it, is quite a lot. Plus, there’s a protective case that features food grade material too, which is not only great for protecting you from heat but also helps reduce the likelihood of the bottle breaking if it falls.


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