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You cannot put a number on the amount of times you would find yourself wishing you had a compact cutting device to lighten the workload or get yourself out of a sticky situation. That is the purpose served by the modern range of EDC knives.

What is an EDC knife? Disappointingly, it is not some military-style acronym. It just means ‘Everyday carry…’ alright then. But anyway, the products that come under it, especially the knives, are not disappointing. There is a lot to choose from and frankly, we enjoyed going through all of them. Some of them have simplicity as their main selling point. Others boast futuristic designs and features that take the industry to the next level. Either way, there truly is something for everyone in the list of knives we have compiled below.

Yes, unless you are a literal killer, we highly recommend that you take the time to go through our elite list of EDC knives. They have been carefully selected based on their capability both in fashion as well as function. Keep a sharp eye out for your favorite.

Ontario 8848 RAT Folding Knife


Product Info
  • 4-way clip position for
  • Open post construction for easy cleaning
  • AUS-8 blade steel
Why we like it: It is a remarkable product with supreme ergonomic features coming from one of best names in the business.

Editor’s rating:

This a knife that is very definitely pointed at the future. Much of its ergonomic prowess is way ahead of the competition. Some of the main features that really grabbed our attention were the open post construction, which makes the task of cleaning quite brisk and easy. The handle is fashioned out of nylon and works in tandem with the spine jimping to afford plenty of control. And there is a 4-way position pocket clip as well as lanyard hole for multiple carry options.

The ‘Liner-Lock’ locking mechanism on this knife makes its open and close functions remarkably smooth. The steel used to make it has 55-56 HCR hardness, which affords some pretty good balance and impeccable sharpness. Nevertheless, the weight has been kept down to no more than 5 ounces. When opened, it is 8 and a half inches in length, and closed, it measures just over half of that at 4 and a half inches. You can open it easily with one hand thanks to its ‘Thumb Stud’ mechanism.

Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Folding Knife


Product Info
  • TENACIOUS - This admirable quality is vividly reflected in this knife, a mid-sized folding knife packed with both...
  • G-10 HANDLE - An epoxy filled woven glass fiber that is rigid, non-slip, and impervious to temperature changes and...
  • PLAINEDGE BLADE - This knife has a sharpened blade with no serrations or teeth sometimes referred to as a smooth blade.
Why we like it: This blade is properly configured to be lightweight, effective, as well as convenient. Way to hit three birds with one stone.

Editor’s rating:

The Tenacious Plain Edge Knife by Spyderco is a greatly valued item in the modern market. It is made from G-10 material and laminated in black. So it is not likely to escape your hand in any circumstance. The main reason why the handle strength is so good is that the steel liners inside are skeletonized. Not only does that increase the strength of the handle, but makes it lighter as well and a lot easier to use more often.

The blade itself has been cut, shaped, and welded out of stainless steel and measures around 8.6 centimeters. The design has it looking somewhat like a leaf and gives it an excellent cutting ability. The design also makes it easy to open the blade without the occasional slip-up. Altogether, it weighs a decent 115 grams, not at all heavy. And it comes equipped with a jimped liner and 4-way pocket clip to suit right-handers as well as left-handers.

Kershaw 1660CKT Leek Matte Knife


Product Info
  • Country of origin: China
  • Brand name: Bastion
  • Item number: Bstn220
Why we like it: From one of the best-known brands in the business comes this state of the art EDC knife that comes with a little extra value for money.

Editor’s rating:

We have seen some amazing products from Kershaw in this department, and it was really rather difficult to select just one to make the list here. But if, God forbid, all the knives from Kershaw were to be destroyed and we were given the choice to spare just one of them, this would be our winner. Not only does it fully satisfy the standard requirements of an everyday carry knife, it also does a little more than that. It takes that extra stride to make it a worthwhile buy.

For instance, it features a matte black DLC coating. For those of us who cannot resist asking the question ‘Does it come in black?’ This knife is about as good as it gets. The engineers have ionized metal and deposited it upon the blade and handle as a microns-thin coating. The result is a so-called DLC coating which resembles diamond-like carbon. It is extremely hard and scratch resistant. And it sits on a knife that is just the right size to be concealed and as safe as it is to deploy and do its thing.

Benchmade – Griptilian 551 Knife


Product Info
  • HIGH-QUALITY: The 154CM stainless steel blade is tough, rust-resistant, and holds an edge well. The glass-filled nylon...
  • WELL-DESIGNED: Benchmade's AXIS lock is exceptionally strong and fully ambidextrous. The Griptilian 551 is a manual...
  • COMFORTABLE: The 551's lightweight design and handle grips make it comfortable to hold and use. The reversible pocket...
Why we like it: It is a handy, lightweight instrument that gives nothing away about its stainless steel construction.

Editor’s rating:

If you are a fan of the Benchmade brand, this is by far and away the best all-around knife you can buy. The Griptilian has a wide selection of shapes, sizes, colors, and so on over any other product available from Benchmade. So it is no surprise that this knife is well suited to both outdoor and tactical use. It has a drop-point style blade that is 8.76cm long and 2.92mm thick. It can only be drawn out manually.

The open length of this device is at 20.5cm and closed, it measures 11.73cm. You will have no trouble slotting it into your pocket or travel pouch for convenient storage. The handle is a handy 16.26mm thick and the overall weight has been kept down to 110 grams. As you can see, the design incorporates just the right dimensions that will make this knife easy to use and very effective. But none of that would pay off for very long without its durable stainless steel frame.


ALPHA TEK Spring Assisted Knife


Product Info
  • PART KNIFE- PART SAW. PART BOTTLE OPENER? Cut, pry, strip, slice. This blade is built for solutions
  • SPRING ASSISTED - FOR LIGHTNING QUICK USE- ON DEMAND: Lightning-Quick access to your balde is a must
  • 440C HIGH-CARBON STEEL DROP POINT BLADE IS BUILT TO LAST. Core of a pocket knife is the blade steel.
Why we like it: For those of you who are a little more concerned with self-defense, this knife will put all of your insecurities to rest.

Editor’s rating:

Let us be honest here. Sometimes you need an everyday carry knife not just to perform elementary cutting tasks but also for self-defense. And in such cases, being able to deploy your knife as quickly as you can is key to whether or not you will come out unharmed. The people at ALPHA TEK definitely listed that among their top priorities when they came up with this, their spring-assisted knife. Yes, the word ‘spring’ is in there. That is already a good sign.

The blade in this device is assisted by a spring ready to be deployed in an instant at the control of a single hand. The top finger flip is still very accessible even if you are wearing gloves, and it could also work as a finger guard. And it goes back in just as easily as it came out. The blade will stay folded in your pocket with the help of its CAM system. More good news on building materials, this blade uses G-10, the toughest of all resin laminates, and slides in and out of pockets with ease.

SOG Escape Folding Knife FF25-CP


Product Info
  • 3.4 INCH HARDCASED BLACK STAINLESS STEEL KNIVES: The Escape partially serrated knife serves well as a rescue knife,...
  • 4.8 OUNCE ALUMINUM HANDLE: A versatile and lightweight shipping knife, hiking knife, combat knife and fishing folding...
  • EMERGENCY RESCUE KNIFE AND GLASS BREAKER KNIFE: This serrated EDC knife cuts cord and seatbelts, strips wire and breaks...
Why we like it: To say this knife has a lot of features on it would be an understatement.

Editor’s rating:

Slide it open like a boss with just one hand, the SOG Escape embraces the everyday carry concept like no other knife before it or since. It is made from 9Cr18MoV steel and features an alluring hard case black finish. The folding blade measures 3.4 inches and is partially serrated. It is also shaped like a clip point to make it great for quick penetration, so any task you take on with this thing will be over in a jiffy.

For additional safety, this knife does have a lock back feature whenever it is in an open position. The handle is also finished in black and made from anodized aluminum. Its design is ergonomic enough for most hands. The manufacturers have also managed to include a line cutter, which makes short work of cords, strings, and seatbelts. There is also a glass breaker for those unforeseen emergencies. And yes there is more – add in a wire stripper and some extra line cutter blades too, please.

Buck Knives Folding Pocket Knife


Product Info
  • Razor sharp & VERSATILE- 1-7/8" Drop point 420HC steel blade delivers excellent strength, edge retention, and corrosion...
  • Strength and safety - easy to open with a nail notch on the blade. The lock back mechanism locks the blade open for...
  • Handsome handle - Rosewood handle with nickel silver bolsters provide a knife that is as handy as it is handsome!
Why we like it: You know this thing is good when you take a look at the build quality and lifetime warranty you are getting.

Editor’s rating:

What with so many examples of the modern range of EDC knives looking so complex and sophisticated in their design and function, it is refreshing to find one that remains resolutely simple. Enter: the KIGHT folding pocket knife from Buck Knives. It is totally inconspicuous while it is inside your pocket and only slightly more so when it is out. It is a pretty slim device that also incorporates some charming beach wood into its construction. Nice touch, that.

It is so good in fact, that the manufacturers have had no qualms with sticking a lifetime warranty with each one they sell. Apart from the beach wood on the handle, the construction features materials like stainless steel and carbon alloys, which are not only durable but allow for quick and easy sharpening of the blade. They are also adept at resisting corrosion. With a weight of just 1 and a half ounces, it is not at all a cumbersome device to work with.

Columbia River Knife and Tool K270GKP


Product Info
  • Breakthrough "Field Strip" technology innovation
  • Field Strip - easily disassemble your knife for cleaning without tools
  • AUS 8 Blade Steel with 6061 Aluminum Handles
Why we like it: Make no reservations on where you choose to apply this tool because it all comes apart effortlessly for quick and easy cleaning.

Editor’s rating:

It may look like the lost item of a U.S.S.R soldier from World War II but make no mistake, this knife harbors some pioneering technology from the people that make it. It is the first CRKT knife to have “Field Strip” technology. Naturally, we had not the first clue as to what that was so we went ahead and did some digging. It is an innovative piece of technology that came from Ken Onion, the renowned knife craftsman, and has been in development for more than a decade now.

What this technology is essentially is a design that enables you to take apart your knife without the use of tools and clean it out instantly wherever you are. For some people, this would be a pure godsend. The mechanism for disassembling it is a simple one and works quickly. And to reassemble it, you simply need to reverse it. So it is every bit as practical as it is functional. You have got to love a knife that can be both.

Outdoor Edge RL-10 Razor Lite Knife


Product Info
  • OUTDOOR EDGE'S RAZORAFE REPLACEMENT BLADE HUNTING KNIFE - sharpest, strongest, replacement razor knife available. Blades...
  • BLADE - comes with 6 razor sharp 3.5"-long Japanese heat-treated 420J2 stainless steel blades. Requires Outdoor Edge...
  • HANDLE - rubberized black TPR gives non-slip grip even when wet.
Why we like it: Compensates superbly for when the blade goes dull and has an impeccable non-slip grip for handling comfort.

Editor’s rating:

It is only inevitable that after a while of using the same knife, its sharpness will gradually depreciate. With the Outdoor Edge RL-10 Razor Lite Knife, you will no longer have to complain about owning a dull knife. You can easily sharpen this one or simply replace it with a new one. You can get a pack of blades that will return it back to full form. The rubberized handles give you a firm grip that will not easily slip.

By the way, if orange is the new black for you, you can have the grip in that color as well. To switch up on blades, all you have to do is press down the lock button so you can remove the old blade and insert the replacement, good as new. Weight is nothing challenging here, just 6.4 ounces. And you will get a black nylon belt sheath for safe and easy storage when you are not using it.


HAUS Kodiak EDC Pocket Knife


Product Info
  • QUALITY TESTED - Our knives have been quality tested to ensure that we are providing the best EDC knives on the market!...
  • HIGH QUALITY BUILD - The HAUS Kodiak is designed to be an edgy tactical knife. This knife has a unique black, faded...
  • DESIGNED WITH PURPOSE - This knife features a sturdy G10, scaled handle with finger grooves that are designed to provide...
Why we like it: It looks menacing and works the same using the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship by a manufacturer that does not settle for coming second.

Editor’s rating:

This device comes from a manufacturer that recognizes quality as much as it does innovation. And that really shone through when we reviewed their EDC pocket knife. It belongs to the HAUS tactical series. It certainly looks the business and it has enough and more functions to cause dribbling. It has a slightly larger handle than other knives in its range and you know what that means? More stabbing power. What we really have here is a knife that appeals to serial killers.

No, not really. Rest assured, this knife was designed with the full intention being useful to ordinary citizens. However, it can feel a bit criminal at first thanks to the edgy tactical feel you get from the scaled G-10 pattern. In addition to the straight-edge blade, you also get a large flipper with jimping, a glass breaker, and a cord cutter. The knife itself has been given a tiger stripe finish to indicate its killer features on sight. We like it.


Buck Knives 0750 Redpoint Serrated Folding Knife with Clip


Product Info
  • RAZOR SHARP BLADE - The 2-3/4" Partially Serrated 420 HC Steel Blade delivers excellent strength, edge retention, and...
  • ONE HAND OPEN AND CLOSE - The Safe-Spin deployment technology provides easy one hand opening and closing without having...
  • SAFE AND SECURE GRIP - The Contoured All-Weather Handle with Rubber Overmold provide a comfortable and secure grip in...
Why we like it: The steel serrated blade is easy to unfold and offers strength while the lifetime warranty makes this knife the best for the money.

Editor’s rating:

Since 1902, Buck Knives has been a family owned company making high quality blades. And the Buck Knives 0750 Redpoint Serrated Folding Knife is no exception. The partially serrated 420 HC steel blade is 2-3/4″ in length and is lightweight at 2.9 ounces, offering a strong razor sharp blade that can do some serious cutting while resisting corrosion. Using Safe-Spin deployment technology, this EDC knife opens one-handed and you don’t even have to touch the blade. The handle is made of rubber designed to last in any weather condition, which guarantees a firm grip in any situation.

The knife also comes with multiple carry options, including a lanyard hole at the end of the handle and a removable clip if you prefer deep pocket carry. This is a knife that every EDC aficionado will want to have in their collection. If you are still on the fence, the knife comes at a very affordable price and Buck Knives offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their knives, and has done so since the very beginning because they are that confident in the quality of their blades.

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