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Some of us love our canines and some of us, our felines. If you happen to be a cat lover, life must be one seemingly endless cycle of meows, purrs, and soft paws, enough sweetness to rot your teeth nine lives over.

But daily living with your cat does come with certain responsibilities of which the most unpleasant is surely the daily cleanup of their rear-end deposits. Yes, as it turns out, all that cuteness comes with a tinge of grossness too. So naturally, you would appreciate having an effective cat litter at your disposal. More specifically, you should be looking at a good clumping cat litter as that would be the fastest and most convenient apparatus available. The good ones do not require cleaning every single day and whatever cleaning there is to be done is minimized as much as possible. Plus, they also do a good job of neutralizing the awful odors of feces and urine.

But which clumping cat litter is your best bet? To help you find out, we have compiled this list of 10 clumping cat litter products that we reckon are ahead of the rest. All of them do an impeccable job of neutralizing unpleasant odors and making the cleaning process quick, safe, and easy. Some of them even employ innovative technology to reach new levels of efficiency. So breathe easy, read easy, and find out which one you would like.

World’s Best Cat Litter Extra Strength


Product Info
  • OUTSTANDING ODOR CONTROL — More cats shouldn’t mean more smells — keep your cats happy with a natural litter with...
  • QUICK CLUMPING & EASY SCOOPING — Multiple cats can most often mean more clean up — but not with this fast-acting...
  • FLUSHABLE* - SEPTIC SAFE — Skip the trip to the trash with a lightweight litter that’s Tested and proven flushable*...
Why we like it: Forest-scented and efficient at clumping, the demand for this one is fast-rising.

Editor’s rating:

While many of us can only see cat litters as a way of making your cat’s poopy pick-up a little easier to endure, there is something to learn from it. Especially with high-end clump cat litters, you can find out about natural substances that help alleviate horrible odors. In the case of the World’s Best Cat Litter, you get the tender fragrance of natural wood fibers in lieu of the awful-smelling waste deposited out of your cat’s rear-end.

Other benefits of this cat litter include the natural absorbing properties of whole-kernel corn which also helps keep odors in check while making the cleanup a lot simpler. It also clumps up waste really well so that it can be easily discarded. As for its ability to remain dust-free, it makes no difference at 99%. Thanks to its forest fragrance and fast clumping properties, this cat litter is fast-growing in popularity among cat owners.


Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Shampoo


Product Info
  • 99.9% dust free, hypo-allergenic natural litter to keep your surfaces clean and perfect for families who suffer from...
  • Hard clumping, medium-grain clay makes it the perfect clumping litter that helps prevent moisture
  • Multi-cat formula and superior odor control keeps your home smelling clean and fresh day in and day out
Why we like it: Made from purely natural clumping agents and keeps the odors in check without the use of chemicals or perfumes.

Editor’s rating:

If you are the caretaker of not one but several cats, the Precious Cat Ultra-Premium may just be the best clumping cat litter for you. It is a uniquely designed clay litter which combines medium grain with heavy, non-tracking granules. As a result, it prevents any moisture from getting to the bottom while also producing a clump that will stay intact. It does a good job of controlling odor without any reliance on chemicals, deodorants, or perfumes.

Furthermore, this clumping cat litter is hypo-allergenic and does not contain any plant proteins. That is good news for both you and your cat since it alleviates the risk of allergic reactions and is altogether safer and easier to use. Incredibly, this cat litter is also 99.9% free of dust. And it is perfectly compatible with sifting or mechanical litter boxes. Everything about it has been configured to make life easier for you as well as your cats.

Arm & Hammer Double Duty Clumping Litter


Product Info
  • Double Duty Cat Litter Destroys Urine and Feces Odors Instantly
  • Odor Control with Powerful Moisture Activated Baking Soda Crystals Eliminates Odors on Contact
  • The Double Duty Formula is 99% Dust Free and Low Tracking
Why we like it: Takes out the nasty odors of urine and feces on contact and is usable for longer periods.

Editor’s rating:

When it comes to eliminating the stench of both urine and feces, the Arm & Hammer Double Duty clumping cat litter takes absolutely no prisoners. It will eliminate such odors instantly. It does this with the use of potent baking soda crystals that are triggered by moisture. In addition to eliminating the nasty odors, it will also leave behind a fresh and pleasant scent so that whenever your cat wants to take a dump, the litter box will smell as good as new.

The dust-free rating of this clumping, low-tracking cat litter is 99%. Scooping out the litter and cleaning it up should take no more than a few minutes. The box itself is pretty sizeable and can be used for lengthy time periods. It contains some 40 pounds of clumped-up cat litter. All things considered, this cat litter definitely checks out on all of its mandatory bases. Able to ward off unpleasant odors and remain almost entirely dust-free, there is not much to complain about it.

Purina Tidy Cats Strength Clumping Cat Litter


Product Info
  • Two (2) 20 lb; Jugs Purina Tidy Cats 4 in 1 Strength Clumping Cat Litter
  • Attacks and neutralizes ammonia, urine and fecal odors
  • Powerful clumping action for easy cleanup
Why we like it: Keeps your cat litter quick and easy to clean and ensures that your home does not retain any unpleasant odors.

Editor’s rating:

This is a clumping cat litter that has been specially configured to knock out the heathen trinity of odors that is ammonia, urine, and fecal matter clean off any household. Additionally, it will also do away with the mess created by weaker clumps. So now the area surrounding the litter box will be a pleasant space to dwell in and your cat will not hesitate to use it each day. And when it is time to clean up, its powerful clumping action will help make your task brisk and easy.

Cleaning up this cat litter will not take longer than a few minutes. The formula is almost entirely dust-free, specifically 99.6%. Its functions will prove to be efficient even in a house hosting multiple cats where it will be used a lot more frequently. The Tidy Cats clumping litter is contained within a couple of 20-pound plastic jugs. So let us sum up then, advanced and odor control, a powerful clumping action, neutralizing agents for potent substances like urine and feces, what’s not to love about this one?


Boxiecat Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter


Product Info
  • VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Ranked best odor control in veterinary professional study
  • ADVANCED PROBIOTIC-POWERED ODOR CONTROL: Stops odors before they start
  • IDEAL FOR CATS ON A HIGH PROTEIN DIET: Multiple cats and cats with odor issues
Why we like it: Uses probiotic powdered odor control to knock-out unpleasant smells and stays 99.9% free of any dust.

Editor’s rating:

Welcome to one of the most advanced cat litters that use probiotic powered odor control. The Boxie Premium Clumping Clay cat litter is hypo-allergenic as well as scent-free, making it completely healthy and safe to use. However, it is important to note that such properties are variable depending on what packaging they come in. Nevertheless, this is an easy cat litter to use on a daily basis, not least because it clumps up any waste firmly so that it is easy to scoop away.

You can also be assured that this litter box will remain relatively clean even after several weeks of scooping up clumps. The material is 99.9% dust-free, as close to perfect as a cat litter gets. As for the unpleasant odors, this cat litter employs the same bacteria that are used in probiotics. All things considered, this is an easy cat litter to live with for both human and feline, even in a household that contains many felines. Available in a 16-pound bag.

Scoop Away Super Clump Scented Cat Litter


Product Info
  • 25 lb. carton of Scoop Away Super Clump with Ammonia Shield, Scented Cat Litter
  • Super Clump technology makes clean up easy
  • Ammonia Shield inhibits bacterial odors
Why we like it: With this clumper, you can make a clean job of scooping away the litter without leaving behind any of those annoying crumbs.

Editor’s rating:

Transforming your cat’s waste into manageable clumps is a primitive function for most cat litters. But what is more exclusive here is a clumping cat litter that turns the waste into solid clumps and does not leave any disgusting crumbs behind. For that, you are going to need a rather special cat litter like this one, the Scoop Away Super Clump. It properly consolidates every last bit of the litter which is then scooped away and the litter is then cleaned off easily.

The Super Clump formula can even transform liquid waste into super tight clumps. But of course, that is not all this cat litter is good for. In addition to clumping up the waste and making it easier to dispose of, it is also reinforced with Ammonia Shield which will prohibit any bacterial odors. That makes the cleaning process so much safer and more convenient. Get yourself a 25-pound carton of this Ammonia Shield reinforced scented cat litter now! You will not regret it.

Fresh Step Crystals Clumping Cat Litter


Product Info
  • CRYSTAL CAT LITTER: Litter box maintenance made easier with odor locking litter crystals that absorb moisture
  • ODOR CONTROL CAT LITTER: These Fresh Step Crystals have 30 Days of Odor Control Guaranteed. Our longest lasting odor...
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: 8lb bag of Crystals is the same number of uses as a 28lb bag of clumping cat litter
Why we like it: The magic of crystal cat litter is on full display here, able to trap those nasty odors an astonishing five times more effectively than any clay litter.

Editor’s rating:

Are you in the market for a cat litter that is durable, efficient, and lightweight? Welcome to the Fresh Step Crystals clumping cat litter, where volume for odor control really does go up to eleven. We are not kidding around, even standing next to other prominent clay cat litter, this crystal cat litter will trap odors five times more efficiently than the rest. That’s right, this is just overkill. It absorbs moisture as well so there is no chance of undesirable liquids like urine ever reaching the bottom.

So as you can imagine, you are not going to have a hard time cleaning it, not even on a daily basis. And as if it was not enough that it is five times better at eliminating odors than other cat litter, it also gives off a sweet fragrance. The crystal cat litter is easily sifted through the scooper to create crystals that can last for as long as a month for a single cat. When the box requires changing, these lightweight litter crystals are easily carried, scooped, and cleaned up.

ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Platinum Lightweight Cat Litter


Product Info
  • +10% more odor eliminators than our clump & seal lightweight fresh scent
  • 100% dust free
  • 50% lighter than our regular litter
Why we like it: This cat litter is sure to do the trick with it’s well trusted formula by killing the odors and bacteria, and pleasing your kittens.

Editor’s rating:

If you have had unpleasant experiences with cat litters in the past, specifically with that nasty odor stinking up the surrounding area, say no more. The ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Platinum Lightweight Cat Litter is made from one of the most trusted baking soda brands. It has durable absorbency and amazing control even over the most pungent of odors. It is also low tracking, virtually dust-free, and accessible in different formulas depending on the specific needs of your household. This cat litter is manufactured in the USA.

You can buy it as an 11-pound bag. The different formulas on offer include herbal attraction, ultra-odor control, multi-cat, and natural training. What’s more, like any good litter box, it will relieve you of the task of cleaning it every day as it does not allow any liquid to enter the bottom. In the long run, that will save you a great deal of time and energy.

Nature’s Miracle Intense Defence Clumping Cat Litter


Product Info
  • Ideal for high traffic and multi-cat litter boxes
  • Reduces territorial odors
  • Fights ammonia, urine and feces odors
Why we like it: Able to deal with multiple cats in the most efficient way thanks to its odor ass-kicking use of bentonite

Editor’s rating:

Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense combines the tremendous performance of bentonite with groundbreaking technology in odor control to give you unmatched protection from litter pan odor. If you are into cats, you would probably enjoy being in a house full of them. That is until of course, you realize that you are in charge of cleaning duties while they just sleep it off. Life is not fair, is it? Not to worry though, Nature’s Miracle has its own way of restoring balance to the universe.

In fact, their Intense Defence clumping cat litter has been specially configured to handle several cats in the same household. Its design is all about neutralizing the crippling odors of urine and feces, and very little else. This is where Bentonite comes in; to make sure that no such odors will ever escape the litter box. The clumping function is also quick and very efficient. It is a given with cats that they do not appreciate standing in line, so the sooner the litter is cleaned out and the odors banished, the better off everyone will be.


sWheat Scoop Clumping Cat Litter


Product Info
  • Powerful, long-lasting odor control, Clumps fast for easy scooping
  • No added dyes or perfumes
  • Veterinarian Recommended
Why we like it: An all-natural composition that uses powerful wheat enzymes to eliminate odors and is totally biodegradable.

Editor’s rating:

There is nothing artificial about the sWheat Scoop clumping cat litter. It is an all-natural dumping apparatus made out of natural, renewable wheat. So yes, it is totally biodegradable. But that is not all that the wheat is good for. It also contains crucial enzymes that neutralize unpleasant odors on contact, and starches that clumped up waste firmly so it can be scooped out clean and easy. It is a cat litter that serves humans just as well as it serves cats.

The claim that this cat litter is all-natural is not a mere marketing ploy. It does not even contain any dyes or perfumes. It does not need them, really. Those wheat enzymes are more than a match for any level of stench your cat is capable of. Oh wait, did we say ‘cat’ there? Because actually, you can use this cat litter even if you have several felines defecating all over the place. For many cat owners, this is a deal that simply cannot be refused.

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