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Whether you are a parent to be or a second-time around parent, the arrival of a newborn requires quite a bit of planning. One item you will never have enough of is baby toiletries such as shampoos.

Unlike children who are about a few months older, caring for a newborn can be quite challenging, as the first month is the most crucial, so you need to be careful that products such as shampoos being used on your newborn are in no way harsh on their skin leading to rashes or dry skin.

A soothing shampoo could also be the key to a restful sleep for your little one and in the first few weeks of parenting, sleep can be a welcome luxury. With many shampoos in the market for infants, we’ve narrowed down the best just to make it easier. Read on to find out which brands would be best for your bundle of joy.

Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo


Product Info
  • "Best Baby Shampoo" - the BUMP (Award Winner); “Best Toddler Shampoo” - Business Insider
  • Plant-Powered Performance: Vegan cleansers create gentle foam; fruit and vegetable-derived moisturizers hydrate and...
  • For Newborns, Infants, Toddlers: A daily full body cleanser for all skin types, including those with eczema, cradle cap,...
Why we like it: This is not just a shampoo, it can also double as a baby body wash. It´s so mild, it hardly requires a lot of rinsing to get rid of the soapy residue.

Editor’s rating:

Puracy’s baby shampoo is another product that is really quite mild. It is also one of the few trusted brands in the baby care industry and offers some of the market’s safest products. For instance, the baby range has been developed by doctors, and harmful chemicals such as sulfates have been left out, making it that much safer. In addition, the shampoo has been prepared using only botanical extracts.

Apart from its organic traits, the essential oils such as those derived from pink grapefruit have also been used in its preparation. The natural essential oils will help keep your baby’s skin and hair soft and light. While it might be one of the more expensive shampoos, its purely vegan properties and vegetable and fruit-based extracts will be helpful in combating sensitive skin issues in your newborn. That alone is worth its rather steep price tag. The company shares a no-animal testing policy on its products and for vegan parents, that’s another plus factor in selecting this shampoo for their baby.

Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns


Product Info
  • Cleans your baby's fine, delicate hair and scalp and can be used daily.
  • Tear-free shampoo and biodegradable formula cleans without stripping the scalp of its natural oils.
  • Composed of 93% plant-based ingredients.
Why we like it: It’s a soap-free solution and is the best first introduction to bath time for babies who are anxious and sensitive.

Editor’s rating:

Mustela’s shampoo has been specially formulated with newborn babies in mind, and it really shows. As newborn babies have exceptionally sensitive skin which can become irritated by the slightest fabric or solution, this foam based shampoo is a miracle in a bottle. One concern parents with newborns have is how to keep the skin condition – cradle cap at bay. With Mustela, parents needn’t be too worried as its non-soap based cleanser will not leave behind any residue.

The shampoo not only cleans the strands of your baby’s delicate hair but also protects the skin on your child’s scalp. Its self-foaming properties help easily maintain the healthy hair and skin of your newborn without too much of a fuss. The best part about this shampoo is that not too much is needed in order to effectively cleanse your child’s scalp. This way, you are able to use the product for longer, and once you start using it, it’s pretty difficult to get used to anything else for your child.

Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo


Product Info
  • BABY SHAMPOO: Make bath time easy with this natural, gentle shampoo and body wash that cleanses and softens baby's...
  • BABY BODY WASH: Mild baby wash and tear free baby shampoo come together in one non-irritating formula to cleanse hair...
  • NATURAL BABY CARE: This baby shampoo and body wash has a natural plant based cleansing complex with Soy Proteins that...
Why we like it: The shampoo comes in a pack of three and cleanses hair very gently, leaving a sweet smelling fragrance for hours. It can also be used as a baby wash.

Editor’s rating:

This 100 percent natural shampoo from Burt’s Bees is tear free and is very safe to use on infants who are just a few days old. The three pack is a bonus for the price, which can be considered a bit steep, however considering the quality it offers, it is definitely a worthy purchase. For the baby with skin irritations and other sensitivities, this shampoo is a must, as its soy protein infused formula will help soothe the skin at bath time.

This formula which has been tested by pediatricians ensures that families can use the shampoo as frequently as they like or even every day. Harmful chemicals have been kept at bay with this shampoo and parents need not worry about over-drying of their infant’s skin. The moisture of your baby’s skin is retained throughout the wash and that’s another plus point when considering this shampoo as an addition to your list.

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo


Product Info
  • 20-fluid ounce trial bottle of shampoo
  • Gently cleans hair and scalp
  • Formulated for babies
Why we like it: Its clean and fresh fragrance will keep your little one smelling fresh all day. The shampoo is hypoallergenic and a really good option for sensitive skin.

Editor’s rating:

Having been around for quite a number of years, Johnson’s is a brand trusted by many generations of parents. The baby shampoo by Johnson’s is still a trusted choice for a safe and gentle product that can be used almost every day on your little one. The shampoo is very mild and you can be certain that its formula will not cause any skin irritation.

The best part about using Johnson’s shampoo is that it washes off very quickly without leaving any uncomfortable residue. The formula is specially designed to look after your child’s delicate hair and give it a healthy look and feel. What’s more, the shampoo has been recommended and tested by dermatologists for years. Its lack of soap agents along with its hypoallergenic properties means your baby’s skin is in safe hands. Let’s not forget the other plus point, which is that it is tear-free and has a long lasting after fragrance that will help soothe your baby, and is best used close to bedtime.

Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo


Product Info
  • Tear free formula that blends into a rich, lathering wash that gently cleans your baby's delicate skin and hair without...
  • Formulated with calming organic Calendula, our gentle wash & Shampoo rinses clean, leaving a soft, fresh scent
  • Dermatologist tested and formulated to be gentle enough for infant's skin; Pour into hand or washcloth and apply to hair...
Why we like it: It’s an affordable option with organic calendula. Its rich foam lather is gentle and mild and bath time is really enjoyable.

Editor’s rating:

A well-known skin care brand – Cetaphil is popular for its shampoos for babies as well as adults. This product doubles as a body wash as well as a shampoo. If you are looking for an affordable yet gentle shampoo for your baby, then this is definitely worth considering. In addition, the formula of the shampoo includes only natural calendula which is safe to use not just for your infant, but also for the other members of your household.

Costing under $5, the shampoo has a rich lather and washes off with ease, while cleansing your baby’s hair and skin gently. The calendula fragrance it leaves behind is just wonderful and gentle enough to use every day on your newborn. A plus point with this shampoo is that you are guaranteed that no harsh mineral oils or additives have been used in its formula. And its thick lather means you don’t have to use too much each time.

Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo


Product Info
  • 18-fluid ounce bottle of gentle cleansing Aveeno baby wash and shampoo with natural oat extract
  • The rich lathering wash & shampoo formula rinses clean & leaves behind a light, fresh fragrance
  • The formula is tear-free, soap-free, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. It rinses clean without drying
Why we like it: It has more than one use and is gentle enough to be used frequently. It’s also very effective in cleansing sensitive skin.

Editor’s rating:

Here’s another option for parents looking for an affordable and reliable shampoo and baby wash. The Aveeno Baby wash uses a formula that is not only tear-free but is also very good at cleansing your baby’s hair and skin. You will notice a very soft and light touch to your child’s hair after you begin using the Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo.

For parents struggling to find the right shampoo for their baby, a product that can double as a bath and body wash cleanser is a lifesaver. Some infants are born with such sensitive skin that even the clothing they wear could cause irritation. A plus point with this shampoo is its use of oatmeal extract, which has been specially included for those little ones with early signs of dry skin. The Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo will keep your child’s skin and scalp well hydrated. It is definitely an option worth considering.

Totlogic 2in 1 Wash and Shampoo


Product Info
  • HYPOALLERGENIC SENSITIVE SKIN FORMULA: Plant based formula is rich in natural antioxidants and botanicals and does not...
  • RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS AND NOURISHING BOTANICALS: Infused with a luxurious blend of natural jojoba, bergamot, lavender,...
  • SULFATE FREE AND NON-TOXIC: Gentle on delicate skin formulated for babies, kids, and the entire family
Why we like it: It doesn’t have an overpowering fragrance and gently cleans without over drying your baby’s skin.

Editor’s rating:

This shampoo and body wash is another good option to consider when looking to purchase a cleanser that is sulfate free. What’s more, the formulation of the shampoo and wash includes nothing but natural ingredients such as Chamomile, Lavender and White Tea. The formula has been crafted to be naturally light so that your child won’t feel any uncomfortable residue on his/her skin.

Another key factor to consider is that this product does not include harmful dyes or chemicals that could cause irritation to sensitive skin. The product is free from animal testing and the packaging is completely biodegradable. A bonus of this product is that it can actually be used by the whole family and that way save you money. The essential oils incorporated into the formula will leave your child’s skin smelling fresh and feeling soft, and their hair manageable and tangle free.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Body Wash & Shampoo


Product Info
  • Safe, gentle liquid calendula castile-based pure soap and Chosen by hospital NICUs
  • Detergent free, non-toxic and made without fragrance chemicals, Triclosan, parabens or harsh sulfates
  • Handy foaming pump bottle, over 300 pumps per 5.3 fl. oz. bottle

Why we like it: This soft and safe formula leaves your little one squeaky clean without irritating or drying out their skin.

Editor’s rating:

Many shampoos, even though they claim to be for infants, ignore their essential requirement to retain the moisture of your child’s skin to help keep it supple. With Dove Baby Shampoo, not only will your baby’s hair remain healthy, it also looks after the skin on your child´s scalp. The shampoo is also tear-free and in addition, aids in replenishing lost moisture so that your child’s skin doesn’t become overly dry after bath-time. Another reason why this shampoo is on our list is because its mild fragrance seems to last longer than most. Plus, it’s not too overpowering either.

You can feel free to use it every day as the shampoo is not only hypoallergenic; it has also been approved by dermatologists. For many parents whose babies are born with skin conditions, finding a shampoo that is gentle and doesn´t cause irritation can be an uphill task. However, a pH neutral one such as this could be the key to keeping those conditions at bay. Its clean and crisp after-scent is another aspect that will help with managing bath and bedtime for you and your newborn.

Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Baby Shampoo


Product Info
  • 100% GOOD FOR YOUR BABY: This ultra nourishing shampoo and body wash soothes and nourishes the hair, scalp and skin....
  • FORMULATED TO CLARIFY THE HAIR AND SKIN: This 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash is specifically developed with oatmilk &...
  • PLANT-BASED & HYPOALLERGENIC FORMULA:: Specially formulated with naturally-derived ingredients including calendula oil...
Why we like it: It’s another option that can double as a shampoo as well as a body wash. Its infused oatmeal extract will do wonders for your child’s skin.

Editor’s rating:

This shampoo is another great option when looking to select one that will not over dry your child’s skin. The calendula and oatmeal extracts offer a gentle means to cleanse your baby’s hair and skin, while being gentle enough not to strip it of its natural oils. The shampoo includes organic cleansers as opposed to chemical cleansers, which are used in most ordinary shampoos. What´s more, the added antioxidants in the shampoo will help to condition and keep your child´s hair soft and manageable.

Another aspect to consider when purchasing the Babo Botanical Baby Shampoo is that its price tag is relatively affordable in the event you do get hooked on it and consider stocking up some extra bottles. Its organic ingredients will look after not only your baby’s hair but also the very sensitive skin on a newborn’s scalp. Bath time is definitely going to be something you will look forward to with the Babo baby shampoo, as its lingering gentle scent hangs over your little one.

California Baby Calendula Shampoo


No products found.

Why we like it: The formula is completely organic and vegan. The amazing fresh scent infused by the calendula is almost addictive.

Editor’s rating:

If you’re looking for a shampoo that is extra gentle and completely natural, then California Baby Calendula is the one you want in your cabinet. Its vegan formula is not the only unique aspect of this shampoo. It also includes ingredients that are organic and 100 percent natural, such as soapbark. The shampoo is paraben free and does not include any harmful sulphates in its production, which could lead to the over-drying of your child’s skin. California Baby’s tear-free formula also incorporates the essential oils of known soothing botanicals such as French Lavender and Clary Sage. These oils help soothe little ones who are adjusting to a different environment and it is great at calming them.

The fragrance incorporated into the shampoo’s formula will have you leaving the bottle open even before bath time. What’s best about the shampoo is that its testing on allergic skin puts adults at ease, knowing it can be used safely on children with sensitive skin. Another aspect for parents to consider is that the calendula used in its formula is grown in their own natural organic farms, which prove their commitment to a quality product. This also does factor into the cost, as the shampoo is much more expensive than most, but for effective results, the cost is worth the money.

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